Acrylic Medium

Oversized Beverage Coasters

Walls are complicated to decorate especially the ones that already look nice when it’s left alone. Although, the blank space was making me feel anxious. It’s an enclosure that lacks pigment. It would be a waste to leave it unmarked.

Rectangular canvasses are flexible, but they’re ordinary. I thought a group of abstract circles might give more life in the living room that matches the earthy tones. I used a technique that I haven’t done before called paint pouring or fluid art using epoxy with acrylic (tan as a base color, green, teal blue, and creamy white). It was a messy process. Some turned out nice with the un-torched bubbles while others could have been better. The whole set reminds me of topography or a view of a planet from space. It also looks and feels like I’m holding an oversized beverage coaster.


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