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Last Modified: May 21, 2018

Intellectual Property

Who owns or has the rights to sereinure.com and its material or content?

  • All content including any artwork and written entries (e.g., photography, paintings, drawings, sculptures, essays, poems, etc.) are owned solely by the owner of the website unless otherwise noted.
  • Content that doesn’t belong to the proprietor will be given legitimate credentials.

What can visitors do and cannot do with the content provided on this site?

  • There are share buttons on every posts and page. By clicking the button means you acknowledged not to change the original link to another website.
  • Commercial use are not authorized unless given permission.
  • It’s not permissible to modify any final artwork.
  • Printing any photos or artwork for display or commercial use (album covers, wall art, and merchandising) are not authorized unless given permission.
  • Provide proper credentials when saving photos.
  • Sharing artwork only grants permission.

Claiming any works of art as your own in which you didn’t make and selling them without permission defies copyright laws. Know your rights to avoid possible consequences. If you plan to use or share any material for other purposes, please send a message to kathleen@sereinure.com. For more information about copyright laws visit the DMCA or NET document.

Photo by David Guenther on Unsplash